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The 5 Keys for Finding Success in ANY Economy

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The 5 Essential Strategies
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Done-For-You Tools

Franchise-grade tools, templates and business systems for painters.


One-on-One Coaching

Get the accountability and strategic plan you need to get results faster.



Easy-to-follow plans with the peer support you need to succeed.

Business Coaching for Painters

Many painters are shortsighted business owners—they focus on projects with thin profits and don’t take the time to develop sustainable business models. If you are in the early stages of owning a painting business, you’ll quickly discover that simply providing a quality service won’t provide the profit margins that drive business growth. Creating a successful painting business requires much more than a good paint job. Without targeted marketing strategies, streamlined operations, and reliable staff, you’ll find it hard to make ends meet. While implementing the strategies to succeed can be overwhelming, they will increase your profit margins and, in turn, your personal income. 

The problems that plague painting companies fall into three categories: ineffective marketing strategies, unreliable staff, and poor organization. Most painters are using outdated marketing strategies, such as PPC, that don’t provide the quality converting leads you need to increase your income. Additionally, many painters don’t take the time to hire reliable staff and implement company-wide organizational strategies. With some dedicated work and time in these three areas, you can create a business model that is sustainable and profitable. 

At Painter’s Academy, we are committed to helping painters grow their businesses. Our marketing methods and company organization strategies provide painters with the quality leads and business strategies they need to succeed in any market. Specifically, our business coaching programs give painters with the tools they need to gain high-profile clients and lucrative contracts. If you’re willing to stop letting your circumstances determine your income, consider Painter’s Academy’s top-notch business coaching services. 

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Because Being a Good Painter Isn’t Always Enough

5 Systems You Must Master to Build a Scalable Painting Business

Our Programs Provide the Tools + Support You Need to Become a Painting Business Success Story

Our Gold APPC Membership helps you think differently about your transformation from painting technician to successful entrepreneur while providing the done-for-you tools and mentoring you need to improve your painting business systems.

- Done-for-You Manuals, Video/Audio Instruction, Tools + Templates

- One-on-One Diagnostic + Quick Start Mentoring Call

- Monthly Group Q&A Screenshare with All APPC Members

- Monthly Ask the Expert Interviews

- Monthly Group Video Training Session

- Member’s Only Archives

- Private Facebook Group

- Email Support

- Special Discounts for Programs and Services

Our Platinum APPC Membership is limited to ten contractors and includes all the benefits of our Gold APPC Membership PLUS those listed below. It is the best fit for stabilized painting businesses that are serious about investing the time and money to take their businesses to the next level of success through structured personal accountability and mentoring.

- A Comprehensive, Company-Wide Assessment of All Business Systems to Discover Profit-Killing Mistakes and Opportunities for Quick Growth

- One-on-One Accountability for Implementation 

- Bi-Monthly, One-on-One Mentoring Calls

- Written 30-Day Plans

Our corporate consulting clients have ranged from large, national painting franchises to $20 Million painting contractors backed by venture capital serving specialized markets. We leverage our deep and diverse experiences in the repaint market to bring a unique perspective to every client that cannot be found anywhere else – backed by practical tools and systems that may be adapted for immediate implementation.

Our objective is not to get bogged down in endless planning or valueless strategizing, but rather to firmly establish the long-term objectives of the client and immediately begin work on short-term projects that create immediate, high-ROI wins. When we focus on the inputs and systems, the outputs take care of themselves.

We serve our corporate clients based on unique, specialized scopes of work and terms of engagement driven by the client’s needs.


Signs of a Struggling or Stalled Painting Business

Transitioning from paintbrush to keyboard is challenging, and it often shows on business balance sheets. Painters rarely earn over $40,000 a year. However, this low salary doesn’t reflect the opportunity available in the industry. Many painters are complacent with their incomes—they choose excuses over results. For painters serious about taking their businesses to the next level, there is plenty of untapped opportunity in the painting industry. 

If you are looking to improve your business, the first place to start is by identifying the areas in your company that need improvement. By identifying your weaknesses, you can start to develop plans that address the core of your business problems. Whether you are struggling or simply failing to realize your personal best, it’s likely your painting business struggles with one of these major business system failures: 

Do you ever feel like you are just a “pass-through” bank account for painters, the paint store, and your clients? If your personal income isn’t at 30 percent of sales, you are leaving thousands on the table annually. Many painters focus on gaining residential projects. This narrow approach to sales is the most common culprit of low profits. Residential projects are the way you gain authority in your community and build your reputation. However, after you have established yourself, residential projects should mainly serve as a way to cover overhead costs. 

When painters only focus on getting small projects, their sales might be strong, but their personal incomes are low. You might get a ton of work painting bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, but these projects are typically only priced between $1,000 and $2,000. Additionally, there is a lot of scheduling that goes into small scale residential projects, which detracts from the time you could be spending developing business strategies. 

At Painter’s Academy, our business coaching services help painters make sales that have profit margins above 30 percent. With help from our skilled professionals, you can land deals and contracts that will help you grow your bank account. Specifically, we provide painters with valuable commercial leads that come with reliable, recurring paychecks. Commercial projects are the best pathway to a personal income that reflects your hard work and long hours.

Most painting contractors say they want a steady stream of repeat, referral, and commercial repaint leads. What they end up getting are expensive, cold, low-quality online leads that never convert. Client reactivation, retention, and commercial marketing systems fix this.

Traditionally, painting companies have used pay per click (PPC) as their primary marketing strategy. In PPC marketing, companies directly buy leads—in the form of clicks—from websites that are considered to be authorities in their industry.  Many painters have PPC campaigns with websites like Angie’s List and Home Advisors. However, these campaigns rarely provide the valuable leads you need to build a recurring customer base. PPC provides fast exposure, but it is not a marketing strategy that produces sustainable revenue. For long-term leads that have a high conversion rate, you need to implement a successful marketing strategy.

“I’m sorry, but we went with the lowest price.” If you’re hearing this routinely while failing to hit high closing rates or profit margins, you need a persuasive sales process that closes the sale. When bidding for projects, most painters fail to focus on their sales techniques. Instead, they highlight their painting skills. You might be the best painter in the world, but if you can’t sell yourself as an asset to a homeowner or facility manager, you’ll never get projects priced at your value. 

With Painter’s Academy’s business coaching services, you can learn sales techniques that convert. Our business experts can help you gain the confidence and persuasion skills you need to gain high profile clients. 

You can close all the jobs you want, but if you don’t have the painters you need to complete jobs on-budget without babysitting them, you’ll be broke and miserable. In order to create a successful contracting company, you need to take the time to recruit crew members that you can trust. If you can’t delegate tasks to your crew leader and staff, you’ll struggle to retain customers and build a good reputation. While it might seem like a time-intensive task, it will have big payoffs in the long run. Our business coaching services help painting business owners implement strong recruitment and hiring systems that ensure painters get the quality team they need to succeed.

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain about how to organize your company, it can make your business and personal life miserable. Running a painting business should be about financial and personal freedom. Strong business systems create both. Traditionally, many painters are plagued by poor time management and organization. If you are taking multiple trips to the paint store a day, it’s time to reconsider your operation strategies. A streamlined operation strategy will help you handle your business more effectively. When you aren’t wasting time on unnecessary tasks, you can redirect your energy to areas of your business that need attention to grow.

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Use the Business Coaching Services at Painter’s Academy to Grow Your Painting Company

Traditionally, painters haven’t had bank statements that reflect the quality of their work. As a painter, becoming business savvy is the best way to increase your profits. Taking the time to address areas on the business side of your company that need improvement will help you gain the leads, contacts, and clients that compose a profitable business model. The competitive landscape in the painting industry is saturated with opportunity. With hard work and dedication, you can watch your business grow, expand, and excel.  

At Painter’s Academy, we know the struggles painters face in becoming successful business owners, and we’re here to help. With more than 13 years of experience helping painting businesses grow, we have the expertise to take your business to the next level. Our services have a proven track record of helping painters develop the revenue streams and gain the contracts that provide profitable returns. If you want to grow your painting business, call today at (423) 401-6192, or fill out our online contact form

What Real Owners Are Saying

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All Pro-Home Services

All Pro-Home Services

“I started in the paint business as a painter and two years later started working for myself...Listening to Brandon Lewis really helped me to be a better business owner. Without sales and marketing you have no business. I was a painter and now I feel like and much more of a business owner and a business professional. Thank you Brandon Lewis for your great work…”

Keith Zafren

My Three Sons Professional Painting Services

“Brandon Lewis and his insightful, candid, and pointed advice on how to improve my painting business has expanded my business in so many significant ways, including the bottom line...He’s the real deal! I can’t imagine trying to build and grow my business without his fantastic coaching.”

Greg Collins

Final Touch Painting

“We’ve been in the Platinum Mentoring group for about 12 months, and it has fundamentally changed our business. We are on pace to more than double last years’ gross sales, and have tripled our crew size to process all of the work we are bringing in. Thanks Brandon!”


Painting Advice Is Abundant – Good Advice Isn’t

Brandon Lewis, Founder + CEO of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Painter’s Weekly

Brandon Lewis grew his painting business from flat broke to over $1,000,000 in repaint sales with 20 employees during the worst recession since the Great Depression. He then went on to sell his business for over $440,000 in a struggling economy.

Brandon has worked with over 400 franchised and independent painting contractors to help owners realize their dreams. An author and speaker, Lewis’s work has appeared in American Painting Contractor Magazine, Paint Contractor Magazine, InPaint Magazine, Professional Painting Contractor Magazine, and PCA educational outlets.

The APPC’s educational events, like the annual Painting Profits Summit, are sponsored by industry giants like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and others because they believe in the impact the organization is making.

Additionally, Brandon publishes Painter’s Weekly, a video publication delivered weekly by email and text to help painting contractors become successful entrepreneurs. With his business coaching services, Brandon is dedicated to helping painters achieve financial prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business coaching for painters?

It’s no secret that running a painting business can be frustrating, difficult, and lonely. The buck stops at the top, with every decision resting on your shoulders. If your painting business has stalled in its growth and you don't know where to turn or how to effectively implement operational strategies, it may be in your best interest to secure the help of an experienced business mentor. Hiring a business coach can help CEOs get the personalized guidance they need to make the difficult choices necessary to create a successful company.

At Painters Academy, we have experience providing business owners like you with solutions to some of the most common problems plague painting companies including ineffective marketing strategies, unreliable staff, and poor organization. For help taking the next step, consider Painter’s Academy’s top-notch business coaching services.

What are the benefits of hiring a business coach for my painting business?

Our marketing methods and company organization strategies provide painters with the quality leads and business strategies they need to succeed in any market. Specifically, our business coaching programs give painters the tools they need to secure high-profile clients and profitable contracts. If you’re willing to stop letting your circumstances define your income, consider Painter’s Academy’s proven business coaching services.

When should I hire a business coach?

If your painting business is struggling or stalled, now may be an excellent time to consider hiring a business coach. Take your painting business to the next level through the Painter’s Academy’s business coaching services. We’ll show you how to identify your company’s unique areas that need improvement and developing plans that address those problems and increase profit margins that, in turn, increase your personal income.

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